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Contract Length Varies

With the retainer model, you make a commitment to grant-seeking and I make a commitment to your organization. We agree on a minimum number of hours per month for which I will be available to your organization and a number of months for which this arrangement will be in effect. A retainer contract offers you priority access to a wide range of services and the confidence that I will be there to support you with all your grant-seeking needs. Advantages include access to a monthly newsletter with funding opportunities, targeted research, relationship building with staff, and more.

$75/ HR.

On Call

With the per-project model, we will work together on an as-needed basis. Once you have determined that you want to pursue a funding opportunity, send me the Request for Proposal or analogous document and I will respond within 24 hours to conform my availability and provide an estimate for the project’s cost. Estimates will be based on a projected number of hours and will include consideration of factors such as the lead-time to prepare and turn around the proposal, the complexity of the project, and the proposal’s length.

$1,000 FLAT FEE

30 Day Contract

The readiness assessment service is intended for organizations that are new to grant seeking or looking to reexamine their current approach. Working from a comprehensive punch list I have developed over the years of documents and topics that are frequently required in grant applications, I will review your literature and assess your readiness to be competitive in your grant-seeking efforts. At the end of the process I will provide a written report with specific recommendations for steps your organization can take to optimize your chances of fundraising success.

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$3,000 FLAT FEE (60 HOURS)

30, 60, or 90 Day Contract

Designed for organizations that are new to grant seeking or that want to develop a more efficient and proactive approach to their grant seeking efforts, Grant Boot Camp is an immersive undertaking in which we work together to create a customized library of grant seeking documents and language for your organization. The process begins with the readiness assessment service. At the end of the assessment, however, instead of delivering a report with recommendations, I work with you to develop the documents and stock language you need to be effective and competitive grant seekers. Organizations that go through the Grant Writing Boot Camp will be empowered to respond quickly to opportunities as they arise, meaning they will be able to apply to more opportunities with less investment of time and resources in the future. Grant Boot Camp is a 60 hour commitment to be completed in 1, 2, or 3 months, depending on your urgency and my availability.

Services: Services
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