Meet our Adventures.

Adventures are designed for children in grades 2-5.

Adventures are updated as new stories are written and old favorites return to the rotation. Contact us if you are looking for a specific Adventure you've seen or hosted in the past that you'd like to see again.


ShadowMage and the Obsidian Obelisk

An Adventure with The Unbelievable FIB!

A bumbling archeologist has unwittingly unleashed an ancient Egyptian evil on the world and it’s up to the Adventurers to save the day. This time, though, they don’t have to do it alone. Enter The Unbelievable FIB! Based on the popular children’s book series, our most popular Adventure invites the Adventurers to become Fibbers, or agents of the Fantasy Investigation Bureau, as they travel to the Hall of Two Truths in the Egyptian underworld to discover that evil has a name—and that you should never speak it!


Welcome to Edgetown

Enter at your own risk.

Welcome to Edgetown, a beautiful seaside community in Maine. It’s got a lighthouse, quaint shops, and long stretches of rocky beaches. It also has mad scientists, secret societies, and an ever so slight monster infestation. The tourism board doesn't like to talk about that last bit, though. Still, that’s what the Adventurers will have to deal with when they answer a call for help from a young vacationer whose pup has mysteriously disappeared--along with every other dog in town. It's a doggone mystery!


Kryptech Investigations

Weird science just got weirder.

Cryptids. You might know them by other names: Bigfoot; the Loch Ness Monster; the Chupacabra. They’re creatures that have not been proved to exist by science. Or have they? There are whispers of a secret organization that exists to hunt down and trap cryptids. It’s called Kryptech Investigations, and it’s said to use science’s most modern technology to solve nature’s oldest mysteries. It’s dangerous work, and thankless, as its operatives work and act in secret, communicating with each other only through coded transmissions. And now it’s your work, too. You’ve just been recruited. Good luck.


The Mark of Astragal

Off on a Fool's errand.

The Adventurers travel back to medieval France to investigate the disappearance of a hapless young nobleman named Astragal Mutton. The last recorded sighting of Astragal placed him in a forest known to have been inhabited by a mysterious thief known only as the Kestrel. But an infamous brigand isn’t the only threat that waits for the Adventurers in that long-ago land. Treason, danger, and betrayal lurk around every corner.  The good news is that the Adventurers have a wise counselor to guide them in this foreign place and time. The bad news is that their wise counselor is a quite-possibly-insane court Fool.


Adam's program is incredibly popular with both children and their families. The only problem is that his clubs always fill. That's why we keep bringing him back!

Laureen, Enrichment Manager