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Host a Grand Adventure

Now booking for 2022 in New England and New York!

Adventures have been successfully implemented at schools, afterschools, libraries, museums, and community centers. Unfortunately, we cannot accept bookings from private individuals.



Adventures come in multiple formats.

IMPORTANT: The prices below do not reflect the costs for individual families. The prices reflect the amount for which the host organization will be billed. Costs are all inclusive and cover salary, materials, and marketing materials.

Short Program

(Up to 3 hours)


The short program is ideal for half-days or afternoons. This streamlined program typically does not include any art projects or free play time—it is straight up Adventure from beginning to end.

Standard Program

(Up to 7 hours)


The standard program is the perfect choice for holiday programs or special events. The standard program can be split into two sessions for afterschools or vacation programs.

Immersive Program

(Up to 30 hours)


Typically the basis for a vacation week or summer program, the Immersive Program  can also be broken up into multiple sessions to accommodate an afterschool club format.


How to Book

Let's get Adventurous.

Ready to schedule a Grand Adventure? Or have a few questions you'd like to ask? Send us an email. Be sure to tell us what format(s) you're considering and when you're thinking of scheduling a visit. We'll respond within 48 hours.



What if my organization's budget can't support the cost?

Grand Adventures can pay for themselves. The majority of hosts charge families to sign up for an Adventure. This revenue can, at minimum, cover Grand Adventures' cost. Depending on the amount the host organization charges and the number of slots they choose to make available, a Grand Adventure can be a source of revenue for an organization or program. We'll work with you to identify the fee strategy that's best for your organization and your target population.

What kind of space do you require?

An ideal location includes an indoor space for group gatherings and a large space for games, but we've run Adventures in every setting you can imagine, including hallways and under stairwells. In short, we can accommodate any space.

What special equipment do you need?

None. We provide all sports equipment, paper materials, and art supplies.

I'm a parent and I think this would be great for my child's... (birthday party/ class/ scout troop)...can I book you directly?

Unfortunately, no. Grand Adventures can only enter into an agreement with an organized entity such as a school, afterschool, museum, or library. We cannot accept private bookings. If you really think we'd be a good match for your child's interests, though, and you'd like to advocate on the program's behalf at a school, library, or other organization, please feel free to reach out. We can help supply you with materials to support your efforts.

Will you travel beyond New England and New York if an organization pays travel expenses?

Unfortunately, family obligations keep us close to home for the upcoming season. We will not be able to travel beyond New England or New York.