The children of the Regional Multicultural Magnet School are indeed fortunate to have been the beneficiaries of your creative planning and execution of your Adventure program. The mystery themes were engaging and provided a good deal of interesting content knowledge as well.

From my vantage point, you carefully orchestrated an amazing team effort. Every staff member I have encountered seemed genuinely happy and enthusiastic about their role in the program. That, in and of itself, is a huge accomplishment.

The litmus test was the children's positive reaction. Their enthusiasm for all program components, including completion of Summer Journals was nothing short of amazing. This past seven weeks was certainly an enriching experience for everyone who had the good fortune to be enrolled.

Overall you have a lot to be proud of as the director of this endeavor! Thanks to you for sharing your considerable talent as well as phenomenal organizational expertise. You have had a very positive impact on a large number of children through your work this summer. I am most appreiciative of your efforts on their behalf.

Sally, School Principal

Adam's program is incredibly popular with both children and their families. The only problem is that his clubs always fill. That's why we keep bringing him back!

Laureen, Enrichment Manager

"Many thanks for your program for the students who did not attend Nature's Classroom. The kids truly enjoyed their week and I was confident they were in good hands. Your activities were quite an "adventure" for all the students. They learned and had fun at the same time."

Paulie, Classroom Teacher

I think what my daughter enjoyed most about the program (besides the fantastic story and adventure) was that she felt safe there. She took chances and risks. For someone who is generally shy to feel comfortable with that, something pretty special must have been happening.

Annie, Parent

Thanks for doing the adventure activities with us it was so awesome! Everytime I think about it, it gives me the willys because I think about getting eaten by the dragon but the rest of it wasn't so scary. I learned a lot about Viking Mythology more than I ever did before. It felt like the week went by so fast. I just wanted to do more. I thought we were going to do work because that's what I heard. But I was wrong really wrong. I wish I could do this adventure again. But I can't because next year I'm going to middle school. I wish you could come into Ms. Stacy's class and do this adventure with my class it would be so cool. Anyway I appreciate it!

Zach, Adventurer

Thank you for the fun week that we had together. That was the best week I ever had in school. I had so much fun with you. I wish we could do adventure together again!

Keyla, Adventurer